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Saturday, August 20, 2011

SJAS “B” won SSB Tenpin Bowling tourney:

Report by Ubaid-ur-Rehman Awan

SJAS “B” won SSB Tenpin Bowling tourney:

Biggest Sports Journalists Gathering on Celebration of Jashan e Azadi
"STBA has shown a significant performance and progression in the development of Tenpin Bowling in the region. Tenpin Bowling is an International Sports which has prospective future in our country, We will provide our wholehearted support to STBA for the promotion of the sports. The government will try to install a Bowling Alley in some government vicinity to make it affordable for all. The officials of STBA are really given their level best which deserves an appreciation." said, Mr. Haleem Adil Sheikh, Advisor Sports

Sindh Tenpin Bowling Association (STBA) organized SSB Jashan e Azadi Intermedia Tenpin Bowling Tournament & Press Conference 2011 under the patronage of Sindh Sports Board (SSB) and collaboration of Sports Journalist Association Sindh (SJAS) held on 18th August 2011 at Arena , Karsaz. Over 100 players of 15 Media groups with STBA players participated in the tournament.
The interactive Media Conference was conducted in which Mr. Aleem Agha, Senior Vice President, STBA effectively delivered the technicalities of bowling mostly importantly the score reporting format along with the Global and National Perspective of Tenpin Bowling and The Challenges STBA faced to make it renowned and developed as a sport, which was not done in decades. Media Personnel
Were provided with the official media kit from STBA. "The role of Print & Electronic Media in the promotion of Sports is an authentic way of communication which not only creates the awareness and exposure of sports on mass medium but also marks the historical records thus engaging them with Inter-Media Tenpin Bowling Tournament & Media Conference 2011 brings up the significant results in enhancing the exposure of the talented youth toward the sports and educate the media personnel with technicalities of Bowling to deliver the right information to the audience", said Romis Ali, General Secretary, STBA

The Media Tournament remarked the most thrilling session in which all the media channels learned the practicality of the sports with professional

Guide lines by professional players. The event reserved the status of the introduction of Becker System game play by STBA for the first time in Pakistan. The Baker System places the emphasis on team effort, rather than the individual accomplishments of the team members. When the Baker System is used and teams are comprised of five members, all team members follow each other in regular order to bowl a single game "The conceptual t-shirt on theme of Jashan-e-Azadi given to the players by the THINK PAKISTAN social campaign stimulated the great enthusiasm among us", said Participants.

On a Baker Sytem Team Event competition SJAS B WINNER with 280 points, Vibe Tv Team stood at second with a total of 255 pins & . Samaa Tv team secure 3rd positionwith total 245

Mr. Haleem Adil Shiekh (Adviser of Sports, Government of Sindh) honored the event with his gracious presence as a chief guest in Award distribution ceremony along with Madam Rafia Haleem (Additional Secretary, Sports & Youth Affairs), Dr Zulfiqar Ali Shalwani (Director, SSB) Mr. Ahmed Ali Rajput (Secretary, Sindh Olympic Association) Mr. Rashid Ali Siddqui (President of Sports Journalists Association of Sidnh) and Mr. Ubaid-ur-Rehman Awan (Secretary General, Sports Journalists Association of Sindh) On the occasion Romis Ali, General Secretary, STBA was graced with the performance award by Minister of Sports for his invaluable contribution and significant development for Tenpin Bowling The official get to gather of STBA at iftar and dinner was enriched with Media and Sports Society along with STBA member’s participation.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cricket World Cup, LARGEST CRICKET BAT.wmv

Cricket World Cup, Largest Cricket bat

Report by Ubaid-rehman Awan

Karachi: A six thousand thirty Kilogram and six feet long worlds biggest bat is on the move in Karachi for celebration of World Cup 2011.

On the event of Cricket World Cup 2011 the World Largest Bat is on the roads of Karachi. This Bat Prepared by Pasban Movement with the help of Solid Wood, 1000 Kg Glue, hundred of Screws and 1000 Kg of Steel.

This record has recently been broken by LEMU Soft drinks from AFBL (Akij Food & Beverage Ltd) in Bangladesh. The world's biggest cricket bat built to commemorate the games of the World Cup 2011.. The title of this bat is "LEMU WORLD's BIGGEST BAT". Where they made a 70 feet (21.336m) long and 8 feet (2.438m) width.

But pasban has claimed it's record still is hanged-on because they are used wood in the preparation of bat and Banladeshi made bat didn't used originally wood.

Cricket world cup, people like Pak team T-shirts.wmv

Cricket world cup, people like Pak team T-shirts

Report by Ubaid-ur-Rehman Awan

Karachi: Pakistani people like T-shirts of Pakistan's cricket team in ongoing cricket world cup.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pakistan Sports: FOOTBALLER HUSSAIN JAN in poor condition

Pakistan Sports: FOOTBALLER HUSSAIN JAN in poor condition

Report by Ubaid-ur-Rehman Awan

Karachi: Pakistan's Ex Footballer Hussain Jan is washing vehicles only for Rs. 20 in Karachi Footpaths who live in Lyari which is the hub of Pakistan's Football, After SAMAA this report Sports Minister of Sindh takes notice and give him 25 thousand rupees as donation and awarded him 3500 rupees per month as steepened.

Hussain Jan was played for Dhaka Mohammadan Football Club and some other International Clubs in India and Bahrain also but he hadn't represent Pakistan on International Level.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Bodybuilder Aamir pleads for financial support

Report by Alam zeb Safi

KARACHI: Former Mr Pakistan and World No 7 Aamir Rahim Bux has
appealed to the government to extend him financial support so that he
could ensure his participation in the Mr Universe bodybuilding
competitions to be held in America later this year.
“Bodybuilding is the most expensive game and I will need around Rs 1.2
million to prepare myself for the Mr Universe competitions slated to
be held in Florida from June 17 to 18 this year,” Aamir Bux, who made
a stir in the world by finishing seventh in the world musclemania
slots in Florida last year, said here during media talk organised by
the Sports Journalists Association of Sindh (SJAS) on Saturday.
“I will need a good diet to prepare myself but I am unable to bear the
expenses and therefore I appeal to the government to support me so
that I could ensure my participation in these competitions with full
confidence,” Loralai-born Aamir said.
He said that he is the only Pakistani bodybuilder who has been picked
for these slots by the World Musclemania Bodybuilding Federation after
finishing seventh in the World Musclemania Championship in America
last year.
Aamir said that he is lucky to have featured in the world musclemania
“I didn’t try to feature in the world musclemania competitions but I
was rather invited by the World Musclemania Bodybuilding Federation
after it was moved by my pictures and poses on certain websites,” he
“I then communicated with them and provided all my documents after
which they ensured my participation. I will thank the then City Nazim
Mustafa Kamal and Sindh Sports Minister Dr Mohammad Ali Shah whose
financial support enabled me to feature in those competitions where I
ended in the top ten,” he said.
“I am the only Pakistani bodybuilder to have flexed my muscles in
these slots. I had been invited by the American Sports Board (ASB) for
these competitions and even offered me nationality which I declined as
I wanted to play for my country,” Aamir said.
“But in spite of all my achievements I was not extended that treatment
which usually is extended to the cricketers or tennis star
Aisam-ul-Haq on such occasions. No one in the government circle even
bothered to contact me and congratulate me for the achievement I got
in America,” Aamir lamented.
“Now when I have qualified for the Mr Universe competitions, I have
been engulfed by financial crises as I will not be able to feature in
these competitions without the government support,” he concluded.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

SJAS new term elections to be held on Feb 12

SJAS new term elections to be held on Feb 12

KARACHI: Elections of the Sports Journalists Association of Sindh
(SJAS) for next term will be held on February 12, 2011 at Karachi
Press Club.
This was decided in the SJAS Managing Committee meeting, held on
Saturday (January 29) at KDA Officer Club with President Sardar Khan
in the chair. Those who attended the meeting included Vice President
Zubair Nazir, Secretary General Rashid Ali Siddiqui, Joint Secretary
Shoaib Ahmed, Treasurer Ubaidur Rehman Awan, Information Secretary
Shahid Ali Khan, members Managing Committee Tariq Aslam and Nadra
Following decisions were made in the meeting:
1. Elections for new term will be held on February 12 at Karachi Press Club.
2. Voters list, nomination papers, scrutiny of candidates and final
electoral list will be issued on February 10, between 12 pm to 4 pm by
four-member election committee comprising Shahid Ali Khan, Zubair
Nazir, Imtiaz Naranja and Shoaib Ahmed.
3. Mr Ata Muhammad Tabbasum has been appointed as Chief Election Commissioner.
4. All the members have been requested to clear their dues including
annual fee for the year 2011 by February 7, 2011. Any member, who
fails to clear his/her dues will not be eligible to cast his vote.
Thanks and regards,
Rashid Ali Siddiqui,
Secretary General, SJAS

The Sports Encounter | Sindh sports journalists to cast vote on Feb 12

The Sports Encounter | Sindh sports journalists to cast vote on Feb 12